Conservation objectives which acount as milestones for different management classifications and strategies,
have been discussed in this article. Classification gives the opportunity for the world-wide network of National
parks and equivalent Reserves, to Share common and appro¬prate managerial process.
The IUCN classification system, proposed over a
decade ago, still holds
significance today.Unfortuna¬
tely it
is not sufficiently appreFiated in many countri¬
es. To accomplish the world conservation Strategy,it is essential to employ area classification system in terms
of objectives and management. The article further examins the view Point of some prominent experts on the following:
The main obstacles to achieving conservation;dispro¬
portionate growth of protected areas versus uprising trend in nature's expfoitation and destruction; major
inadequacies in management of protected areas and empha¬sising the need for conservation issues based on IUCN's guidelines; to compare existing reserve system in Iran with INCN's classification