Ecological Survey of sea birds in sheedvar island
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(26 ,48 Nand 53 ,25 E) Undertaken during their breeding
Season. Sheedvar i. an Uninhabited island, Situated of
about 1. 5KID. east of Lavan Island in Persian Gulf.
The island is made of coral reef covered by sand over most part of it. the extent of the corals is differ¬
ent around the island, and in some places, extended into the sea under the water sunface in a distance of about
50meters from the island shore.
Different aspects of ecological factors in relation to its ornithology were considered and studied.
Soil texture is very light, and only in central parts of the island is changed to loamy sand.
Vegetation System of the island is mainly hallophyte
and reaches to 1 meter height in maximum. Yearly, percipitation is lower than 100 rom with very high temperature during spring and summar months.
Maximum temperature and humidity occur during July and August. Temperature during these months reaches over 4Soc in shadow.
4 species Df breeding Terns and 10 species of other birds were identified in the island.
Distribution and population of terns were studied and
during the surveys, population of all birds in the island estimated about 38000 birds as total.