In this article the life tables of Iranian Urban
population for male and female are calculated. The tables are based on data which have been Collected in a survey
in 1984 on 10% of urban population, excluding Tabriz, Shiraz, Esfahan, Tehran and Ilam province. The sample
was divided in three groups according to IMR in different
provinces. The life tables are calculated for the three groups of provinces seperately as well as for the total
To obtain more correct information and in order to
avoid errors as to age of population and age of death the logit system was used according to the Asian-African
Standard presented by william Brass. Sample size includes 779/976 males and 746/403 females. The results show that

the life expectancies at birth are 66 and 70 years for male and female respectively. These figures are between
61.2 to 68.7 for men and 68 to 71.5 for women in differ¬ ent groups of provinces.