Use of EIA has initiated from project-level. Inspit of advantages of EJA at the project level they are not able to analyse the integrated effects, because environmental effects of human’s activity, often are cumulative, induced and synergestic. In addition, project-level EIA in design of project is not Proactive and it only examins designed project after they are approved and only has adjustive role. But environmental crisis illustrate that their solutions require strategic proactive approach and on time prediction at policy making, planning and programming level, and only in this level, estimation of carrying capacity as most important sustainability indicator is feasible. Because, carrying capacity is affected of all micro, macro, repeated and divers activites.
So, disadvantages of project-level EIA requires promotion of use of EIA at the different level of planning system including policy making, planning and programming. In this way, strategic environmental assessmen (SEA) could be asolution.