The goal of this study was to establish a harmony between BandarAbbas oil refinery activities and environmental requirements. This study also attempted to introduce an appropriate Environmental Management System (EMS) model by giving practical guidelines to alleviate main pollutants and to achieve the goals by planning. In this regard, after description of different stages of establishing EMS, because of the importance of site selection stage in oil industry at the time of environmental planning and management, proper ecological models for industrial developments were compared with site selection criteria. Then, programs, developed for different sections, were investigated based on which effective guidelines were proposed to control and to mitigate environmental pollution. Furthermore, a cost-benefit analysis was carried out regarding the introduction of
This study proves that the introduction of EMS, considering highly contaminant oil refineries, results in reducing pollutants which are caused by BandarAbbas oil refinery. Therefore, it is anticipated that by introduction of EMS, environmental crisis in the region would reduce.