Dodangeh and Chardangeh wildlife refuge(16200 ha) is a mountainous area in 95 KM. SE Sari (36° 4 -10' N, 53° 20' — 40' E). The ecological characteristics of the area is diverse. The climate of the area in the altitude 800-2000 meter is cold and wet, and in 2000-2800 meter is cold and semi-arid, according to Emberger climagram.
The vegetation of the area has been studied according to the Fery & Probst vegetation classification and land use Atlas of Mazindaran Province (1:250000), and field observations in the scale of 1:50000.
Five plant formations including closed forest (closed-deciduous montane forest), wood land (cold-deciduous broad-leaved montane wood land and evergreen needle-leaved wood land resistant to cold), shrub land (cold-deciduous scrub without evergreen, cold deciduous open xenomorphic scrub and evergreen needle leaved scrub), open thorncushing formation and grassland have been recognized. The characteristic species, altitude distribution range and picture for each formation have been presented