Migratory waterfowl have considerable role in economic and social status of northern Iran especially Gilan province. This survey was carried out to determine abundance and diversity of hunted waterfowl in this area. Investigation on number of migratory waterfowls was conducted using Total Count Method from January 5, 2002 till February 24, 2002 synchronized with mid winter waterfowl count (MWC), Wetlands International. Results of counting migratory waterfowls during this period declared 607914 birds form 12 family. Also 393693 individual of 42 species and 8 family were harvested form aquatic ecosystems of Gilan during the study period and Anatidae family was the most abundant hunted group represented 249686 individual of 15 different species. In general, the harvested birds value was about Euro 3771210 and Mallard Anas platyrhynchos was the most valuable species about Euro 1312870.