The first greenhouse estate of the country in Guilan province, Rasht city, in 400ha is planned. Two important considerations about greenhouse estate are intensive production and cumulative impacts.
The intensive management of plant growing conditions in greenhouse result in yields of greenhouse crops several times that of giled crops.
At the same time, greenhouses utilize high level of input and generate more waste as a result of intensive production. In addition, greenhouse estate would be the sum of many greenhouses with relative infrastructure and activities that the effects are aggragted in the same area as environmental cumulative effects. Results of environmental impact assessment (applying modified Leopold matrix method) illustrate that %9 of activities including fertilization, disinfection, pest and disease control, runoff, human sewage, solid wasts, storing of fuel and possible accidents, and %5 of environmental factors including soil chemical quality, health and ground water, will be could cause sever impact. Finally, this project only with considering corrective measures and mitigation plans could be accepted.