In recent Years, considering environmental aspects play on very important rules in site selection of industrial sites. Paying more attention to site selection for industrial establishment to avoid of environmental problems in now and future.
In this study, site selection for industrial establishment in Qom province in 1:250000 scales with utilizing of system analysis approach were done.
For reaching to this goal, the environmental sources were divided to ecological source and economical-social source. These two groups were initiated, analyzed and totalized. Scientific method what utilized in this study was collecting all sources map and provided some scan of them, then digitized in GIS format and in next step, analyzed and classified them.
The ecological power of land was evaluated and a model with 3 levels was provided.
The next step was over laying the information layers that prepared in GIS format and remove the protected areas. The common applications of land included 17 units in four political groups of province were initiated.
The area distributions were Nopelloshatu with 19964 m2 had 7. Central unit with 25603 m2 had 5, Jafarabad had 3 and Khalajestan part with 1180 had 2.
Finally, based on economical and social parameters, 17 units were classified. As a result, a unit of Jafarabad got the first rank and the others unit ranked consequently.
One of the results of this study that supposed to be an empirical study is proved the possibility of establishing a new model or theory in site selection for use in other places.