Main Subjects = environmental engineering
Appropriate Wastewater Treatment Plant Selection Using G-EDAS and G-COPRAS Incorporating G-AHP

Volume 49, Issue 3, November 2023, Pages 353-372


Tahmineh Zhian; Seyed Arman Hashemi Monfared; Mohsen Rashki; Gholamreza Azizyan

Investigation of Oil Removal from Water by the Modified Nano Tin Oxide

Volume 45, Issue 3, October 2019, Pages 395-412


Ali Beheshti Ardakani; Amir Hesam hasani; Homayon Ahmad Panahi; Amir Hosein Javid; Elham Moniri

Relationship Between and Effect of Intermittent Ultra-Sonication and Specific Energy on Degree of Disintegration of Secondary Sludge

Volume 44, Issue 2, September 2018, Pages 297-308


Davoud Fathali; Abdollah Rashidi Mehrabadi; Maryam Mirabi; Mahmoud Alimohamadi

English Abstracts

Volume 44, Issue 1, June 2018, Pages 1-32

English Abstract

Modeling the distribution of suspended particles in the south of Tehran by the model of AERMOD, (A Case Study of Tehran cement factory)

Volume 41, Issue 4, January 2016, Pages 799-814


Aliakbar Shamsipour; Elham Ashrafi; Marziyeh Alikhah asl; Khosro Ashrafi

Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils in Urban Area Using Thermal Desorption

Volume 41, Issue 3, October 2015, Pages 643-652


Saeid Gitipour; Emad Sanati Farvash; Negar Keramati; Peyman Yaghoobzadeh; Masud Rezaee

Electrochemical Treatment of Textile Wastewater Containing Acid Red 14 by Aluminium Electrodes

Volume 41, Issue 2, July 2015, Pages 297-308


Amin Hooshmandfar; Bita Ayati; Ahmad Khodadadi

Prediction of the effects of global warming on biodiversity areas of Iran (Case study: the eastern part of mid-Zagros and the west of central desert of Iran)

Volume 41, Issue 2, July 2015, Pages 389-400


Faramarz Khoshakhlagh; Mohammad Amin Moradi moghadam; Mohammad Amin Heydari; Shirin Safaee

Investigating wastewater treatment in MBRs using computational fluid dynamics

Volume 41, Issue 1, May 2015, Pages 1-12


Mitra Bayat; Mohammad Reza Mehrnia; Navid Mostoufi; Mehdi Rajabi Hamaneh

Optimization of Water Allocation using Cooperative Game Theory Case Study: Zayandehrud Basin

Volume 40, Issue 4, January 2015, Pages 875-889


Neda Akbari; Mohammad Hossein Niksokhan; Mojtaba Ardestani

Monitoring of Changes in Salt Lake Maharlu Usinf Multi-Spectral Satellite Image Processing Techniques

Volume 40, Issue 3, December 2014, Pages 669-677


Hossein Nazmfar; Nader Sarmasty; Seyed Kazem Alavipanah