Keywords = Biomass
Assessment of Biomass Resources Potential in Khorasan Razavi Province for Bioenergy Production

Volume 39, Issue 2, September 2013, Pages 73-82


Afsaneh Aminian; Mohammad Hosein Abbaspour Fard; Mohammad Hosein Aghkhani; Mohammad Hosein Edalat

Biomass Production and Ammonia and Nitrite Removal from Fish Farm Effluent by Scenedesmus Quadricauda Culture

Volume 37, Issue 59, December 2011, Pages 15-28

Safiolah Heidari; Omidvar Farhadian; Nasrollah Mahboobi Soofiani

stimating Potential of Urban Forests for Atmospheric Carbon Sequestration

Volume 37, Issue 57, May 2011, Pages 1-8

saeeid Varamesh; seyed mohssen Hosseini; norolah Abdi