Author = Baghvand, Akbar
Investigation of contamination of groundwater sources surrounding landfill sites; case study: Takestan city landfill site

Volume 41, Issue 4, January 2016, Pages 909-921


Akbar Baghvand; Rahim Nasirzade; Mohammad Ali Abdoli; Ali Vosoogh

Determination of Maximum Flood Flow by use of Sampling (observe) Creager and SCS Method (Case study: Gharasoo river, Kermanshah, Iran)

Volume 36, Issue 55, December 2010, Pages 99-110

Alireza Karkouti; Mehrdad Nazariha; Akbar Baghvand; Babak Jafari Salim; Abdolreza Karbasi; Ali Vosough

Water Quality Trading Using Tradable Discharge Permit in a River and Assessment of Its Cost- Effectiveness

Volume 35, Issue 50, July 2009

Ali Jafari; Masoud Taheriyoun; Ahmad Reza Yavari; Akbar Baghvand