Author = Ashrafi, Khosro
Modeling the distribution of suspended particles in the south of Tehran by the model of AERMOD, (A Case Study of Tehran cement factory)

Volume 41, Issue 4, January 2016, Pages 799-814


Aliakbar Shamsipour; Elham Ashrafi; Marziyeh Alikhah asl; Khosro Ashrafi

Numerical Simulation of Plume Rise in Neutral Atmospheric Stability Condition

Volume 40, Issue 1, May 2014, Pages 237-246


Khosro Ashrafi; Majid Shafiepour-Motlagh; Hodeis Abbaszadeh-Amirdehi

Determination and Dispersion Modeling of VOC Emissions from Liquid Storage Tanks in Asalouyeh Zone

Volume 38, Issue 3, December 2012, Pages 47-60


Khosro Ashrafi; Majid Shafiepour; Mohammad Salimian; Mahmoud Reza Momeni

Modelling of Indoor Air Quality for Tehran Museums by IMPACT

Volume 36, Issue 55, December 2010, Pages 79-90

Majid Shafiepour; Khosro Ashrafi; Azadeh Tavakoli


Volume 33, Issue 44, January 2008