Author = Jafari, Ali
Selection of New Protected Areas Emphasizing Vegetation Types Using C-Plan (Case Study: Kohgiluye & Boir-Ahmad Province, Iran)

Volume 36, Issue 56, March 2011, Pages 1-12

Ali Jafari; Ahmad Reza Yavari; Shahram Bahrami; Nabiollah Yarali

Representativeness Assessment of Protected Areas Network Emphasizing Plant Diversity in Charmahal & Bakhtiari, Iran

Volume 36, Issue 54, July 2010

Ali Jafari; Ahmad Reza Yavari; Nabiolah Yarali; Ghadir Valipour

Water Quality Trading Using Tradable Discharge Permit in a River and Assessment of Its Cost- Effectiveness

Volume 35, Issue 50, July 2009

Ali Jafari; Masoud Taheriyoun; Ahmad Reza Yavari; Akbar Baghvand


Volume 31, Issue 38, March 2006